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Case Results for The Cleveland Defense Attorneys at Ashley Jones Law

When hiring a criminal defense attorney, you want to be certain you’re choosing someone with a track record of success. Read what the satisfied clients of our law firm have to say about their experience working with our attorneys.

I wanted to convey my utmost appreciation for the way my case(s) were handled due to your professionalism and knowledge of the law. When considering the amount of time and attention spent on my case, the professional, not to mention the common courtesy shown and naturally the final outcome of the case before the court, the amount that you charged me was without a doubt the best value that I have ever received! In closing, if anyone I know find themselves in need of the finest legal representation I have personally experienced, they will hear only one name from me…….Ashley Jones!


I contacted Ashley to get more information regarding sealing a charge on my record. Ashley was very helpful and provided necessary details during the consultation prior to hiring her. Her and her secretary kept great communication throughout the entire process and always responded promptly any time I had a question or concern. Ashley is very personable and I felt that she actively listened to my concerns, researched my case and also responded to me honestly with sincerity and respect. She made the process very easy and it ended with a great result with my charge being sealed.

It is a very easy task to write a testimonial about you, for me the most important thing was that you instilled confidence in me that we were doing everything that we could and you didn’t hesitate to take my calls and reassure me. I think the most important thing is that you understood my concerns and valued my opinions and for that I am and will be eternally grateful. Oh, the fact that you were an absolute professional goes without saying I wouldn’t hesitate to enlist your assistance.

Ashley is a great attorney that devotes a lot of time for her clients. She helped me with two separate cases that went on for several months. Always on time and well prepared. I definitely recommend her services if you are in need of an attorney.

Ashley was easy to work with from the get-go. It was my first time hiring a lawyer, and she made the experience a great one. She is a great listener and seemed like she actually cared. She handled my case with confidence and ease, and we got the result we were hoping for. She was on good terms with the Prosecutor, which I think is a great advantage. I’d hire her for future cases and recommend her to others. Thank you, Ashley!

If you want representation with real results Ashley is the way to go. I had an unwarranted citation with serious consequences. Ashley was able to represent me with minimal cost and time. I couldn’t be happier with the results from the proceedings. Thank you again!

Mrs Jones was courteous and quick. She was always in contact with me about updates going on with my case. All motions filed were granted! If you are looking for someone to treat you like a person and not just a pay check she is your lawyer.

I hired Ashley to handle a case against me in Massillon after my arraignment and one appearance she was able to get a deal for dismissal and my case was completely dismissed after a little over a month due to the busy holiday season.

Ashley Jones, Esq. handled my cases with sensitivity; caring thoughtfulness; criminal justice system intelligence. Her interaction with the court, my clinical care providers and myself was blessed from the get go. Attorney Jones personal, professional ethics enabled the whole process to become not just a punitive action; but instead to become a validation for myself. Thank you Ashley Jones Esq.. You are a blessing.

She was very honest and efficient. I had several lawyers tell me my expungement wasn’t possible. She told it me would be hard but she thought she could help! She was affordable and she got the job done! Today my record has been expunged.

I hired Ashley to represent my fiancé on a couple of his cases and she did a fantastic job. She was very professional, personable, very friendly and knowledgeable! We are very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great lawyer! Thanks Ashley!

I was so impressed with my experience with Ashley. Hopefully I never need her services again, but if I do, I have her number saved. With such a busy life i’m amazed she holds everything together, but she does, and with a tenacity that worked wonders for me. I came in expecting the worst, and she got me a better result than even she thought she would even come close to reaching! And in lakewood courts of all places! A fantastic lawyer. I’m really happy!

Ashley was so understanding and helpful. She responded to all our questions and concerns with both good and bad scenarios. She was very reasonably priced and flexible. We hope we will not need a lawyer again but if we do we know who we are calling! Thanks again Ashley, we appreciate you!
The Beasleys

I think she is a great lawyer and I respect the job she done to get my case dismissed.

I had a Domestic Violence Case. I found Ashley on Legal Match.com. I read her blog and my gut said, “Call her”. She was very sympathetic and wanted my case and was able to work out a deal I never thought I would get. I just cried and was so happy and relieved and so glad I found Ashley. I will always recommend her. I was looking at six months and instead received no time in jail. Thank God for Ashley!


Ashley Jones is a woman of integrity; to me she is my knight in shining armor. She knows how to fight the legal way. She is an intelligent, trustworthy person that you can count on. She will not sugar coat the situation, she will tell you the facts and not just give you false hope. I was very surprised at the way Ashley was not judgmental of me or my criminal past. I still have a long walk up this hill that we call life, but with people like Ashley, I can smile and know that there is hope.


Ashley Jones is a woman of integrity; to me she is my knight in shining armor. She knows how to fight the legal way. She is an intelligent, trustworthy person that you can count on. She will not sugar coat the situation, she will tell you the facts and not just give you false hope. I was very surprised at the way Ashley was not judgmental of me or my criminal past. I still have a long walk up this hill that we call life, but with people like Ashley, I can smile and know that there is hope.


Lawyer Ashley Jones surpassed my expectations. Her expertise and experience provided me with the guidance and direction needed to traverse this extremely stressful OVI situation. Lawyer Jones level-set expectations, explained the process, and provided the council needed to make informed decisions. I can not express how competent and valuable she was in this journey and feel retaining Lawyer Jones was without doubt the best decision I had made.

Ashley was a true professional. Her and her team communicated with me throughout the entire process. My wife is an attorney in Michigan, and this experience was definitely professional. I would absolutely recommend anyone in the greater Cleveland area to reach out to her for their legal needs.

Ashley was able to file a motion on my behalf in order to get a license suspension terminated 7 months early. She was very clear and communicative about the process and was always quick to answer my emails. Thank you, Ashley!


She was able to lower the charges and I was as happy as i could be given the circumstances that she was able to do so.


When I first reached out she responded the next day to setup a time to meet face to face. After our meeting she kept me updated throughout the process of getting a court date. On the day of court she showed up and informed me on what to expect while heading into court. Everything went better than expected and I couldn’t be happier.

I recently hired Ashley and it was, simply put, the best thing ever. She is wicked book smart and she also knows the ins and outs of the courthouse. I really don’t think you can go wrong if you are in need of a great Cleveland attorney.


Ms. Jones was wonderful. Quickly returns calls, answers questions and she did a great job making sure there were no points against my license. Definitely worth the fee in avoiding increased car insurance premiums. I highly recommend Ms. Jones.


Attorney Jones was very helpful with my speeding ticket along with the reckless operation. She was able to get a dismissal on Reckless Operation and the speeding reduced! I walked away paying only court cost. Her rates were very reasonable and she was understanding with the payment.


Ms. Jones represented me regarding a speeding ticket case. She was very candid, knowledgeable and cordial. She adroitly handled my case which was resolved favorably. I would retain her services again.


NiAttorney Jones was by far the right person for the job, very professional and honest. At no time did I ever feel misinformed or lost. Attorney Jones and office were always there to keep me updated and ensure that I was doing okay through out the process. I would highly recommend Attorney Jones to anyone that needs legal counsel or advice.


Ashley was a very knowledgeable and helpful young woman who, not only helped me during legal troubles, but exceeded all of my expectations! If ever in any legal issue, I highly recommend giving her consideration. If she cannot help due to the circumstances, she will and can provide alternatives that are beneficial to any client. Thank you for everything Ashley!


I needed help in rectifying an old traffic offense in which I really screwed up. I knew trying to fix it myself would cost me dearly. Ashley was very understanding of my problem, made me knowledgeable of the process and the different scenarios that could occur, and advocated on my behalf. With her help, the process was easy and pretty much taken care of before I even stepped foot in the court. Her rate was exceptionally fair and worth every penny for the peace of mind I now have.


I had contacted Ms. Jones because of her fair pricing and willingness to help with my situation. I needed to file for an expungement of my criminal record and retrieve property that had been taking away from me. She had taken care of both issues with ease and kept me informed during the process. Any questions I had were answered within 24hrs or sooner. Overall she is a very nice, respectable person and is there for you if you need her help.


Ashley took on my case last minute,dropped me from domestic violence to disturbing the peace, which no one has done with this prosecutor. Friendly, honest lawyer! Very recommended.


I have a disability practice in Cleveland. Many of my clients contact me looking for assistance with criminal cases, both large and small. I always refer to Ashley. She works hard and gets her clients the best possible result.

Ashley was very reassuring and completely competent to handle my situation


Ashley is very prompt and offers great service. She is very knowledgeable of her profession and has great reputation.


I was in trouble for a domestic violence charge, it was a very ugly situation. Considering it was against my son and in front of my other children this could have been a much worse charge. Mrs. Jones was very professional and got it reduced to a disorderly conduct with probation. I hope never to have to use Mrs. Jones services again, but if I do I know who to call.

I found myself in a situation where I needed legal help , so I reached out to Ashley Jones after researching lawyers in my area. The best choice I made was to retain Ms. Jones .I was scared and confused of not knowing what would legally happen to me, but Ashley Jones put my fears at ease, explaining every process from start to finish, never leaving me hanging in the wind. I am truly grateful for her legal expertise as well as her compassion to resolve my situation. Thank you Ashley Jones!!!

My son had an incredibly difficult situation to deal with…Ashley was very direct with us, explained what he needed to do, what the court would likely expect of him, as well how bad the outcome could be. She gave great advice and coaching to my son which I really appreciated. At court, the prosecutor said how incredibly prepared she was. The outcome of the case was as good as we could have possibly expected. I felt like we were in great hands for the entire experience. I would recommend Ashley to anyone!


Ashley Jones is very professional and price is fair. She helped me get the best outcome for an assault charge. I highly recommend giving her a call for your legal needs.


When I got pulled over/arrested for an OVI, I was terrified. Ashley was immediately able to begin calming some of my fears through her expertise and explanations. I am very excited to say that, due to her knowledge and hard work, she was able to help me receive a lesser charge. While she was always quick to point out that “every case is different” and that there are “no guarantees in the process”, I never doubted that she was working very hard to ensure the very best possible outcome for me and my family. It is for that reason that I have zero reservations in giving her my highest recommendation.


Ashley was awesome. I needed help with a moving violation to get points deducted so I could keep my current job position. She was easily accessible, very informative and laid back. She answered all my questions and keep me informed along the way. I definitely recommend her.


Her office is easy to get to, she knows the law and will fight for you. She talks to you like a person/friend, she has time for you to answer your questions or to talk.You would be crazy not to hire her for your legal needs. 110% Awesome.


Attorney Ashley Jones has surpassed my expectations with a criminal case that I truly was innocent on. She worked hard and diligently on my case with a great result. Her prices are fair and I high recommend her!


Ashley was an absolutely wonderful attorney. She always kept me informed and up to date. She was very friendly and I felt comfortable talking to her about everything. Because of her, I got great result from my case and I couldn’t be more thankful. She is a caring, determined and knowledgeable attorney that I would recommend to anyone.


This was my first time ever going to court. Ashley explained everything to me and put my mind at ease. She was very responsive and knowledgeable. She keep me up to date and informed of everything that was going on. If i ever need legal counsel again she will be the first person I call.


I obtained Mrs. Jones for a very old case that was put on the back burner and forgotten about for many years. Of course it resulted in a warrant. Mrs. Jones answered the phone when I called and got my information and a quick rundown of my situation. She then came to Akron from Cleveland to meet, ask questions and answer questions. A week later we met in Stow to take care of the matter. We were in front of the Magistrate within 5 minutes and had the matter handled within 10. Everything was dropped excluding one charge. The outcome was better than I expected and fines were half of what I anticipated.

Did a great job in clearing my name of a hit skip charge.


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