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It’s a common occurrence in my practice to get a phone call from a potential client who has just learned that they have a warrant out for their arrest. It can be really scary for the individual, but is common for me to deal with in my practice. And sometimes, people have old warrants for an old case, or there is a warrant for unpaid fines, and people are just too scared to deal with it.

In most courts in Northeast Ohio, if a case is filed, meaning an allegation of some crime has been made, a warrant is often simultaneously filed.  And the majority of the time, the individual has no idea.  Sometimes, something comes in the mail informing you, or you see it on an on-line docket, or most often, you are stopped for a traffic violation, or are in a car that is stopped for a traffic violation, and the officer informs you that you have  a warrant (and usually arrests you and takes you into custody).

There are a lot of things in the criminal justice system that defendants and defense attorneys can’t control, but if we can get out in front of a warrant, that helps.  It makes all the difference in world to have an attorney when dealing with a warrant. In my practice, depending on the offense, I try to get the warrant recalled without the client having to turn him or herself into the jail and spend time in jail, and I also try to get a bond set early to also avoid the defendant sitting in jail waiting on a bond to get set.

So instead of getting pulled over for speeding, or being in a car that is stopped, and being arrested on the warrant and maybe losing your job because you are in jail, we try to control the situation and get out ahead of the warrant and deal with it on our time.

Hiring an attorney to help you deal with a warrant is important and makes a huge difference. Call me if you need to discuss this or any other traffic or criminal issue: (216) 736-8551 or reach me at [email protected]