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It can be hard to know who to turn to if you’re experiencing domestic violence. It might be even harder to take steps to protect yourself and/or any minor children. . If you’re currently in a domestic violence situation Ohio law does provide some protections through a civil protection order. 

Seek Legal Representation and File a Civil Protection Order 

As a victim of domestic abuse, you have the right legal representation that will be able to help build a case against your abuser. This can help keep your kids away from your abuser and ensure they can no longer be in your vicinity. An attorney can help you seek a domestic violence protection order (DVCPO) or a civil stalking protection order (CSPO). 

Domestic Violence Protection Order: This type of protection order applies to any situation involving domestic violence, menacing by stalking, aggravated tresspassing, child abuse, or sexually-oriented offensess involving a household family member. 

Civil Stalking Protection Order: This type of protection order applies to the same things as a DVCPO but does not have to include a family member or even someone you know well. Examples include neighbor disputes and threats via social media or text message from someone either familiar to you or not. 

Seeking a protection order can be beneficial to you or your family as it grants you the following protections: 

  • Ordering the abuser to refrain from continuing abusive or harassing behavior. 
  • Ordering the abuser to stay away from your home, school, or office. 
  • Evicting the abuser from your place of residency 
  • Awarding you custody of your children 

These protections can last up to five years depending on the severity of your case if a judge grants you a full civil protection order. If you already have a protection order in place, an attorney can also assist you in extending it beyond five years.

Document Any Evidence 

Documenting any evidence of abuse or threats of abuse is extremely helpful in the outcome of your case. Pictures of physical abuse, screenshots of aggressive text messages, or witness statements can be incredibly influential in court and can be used to corroborate your testimony

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