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In Ohio, there are certain convictions that make it so that you are not allowed to own, purchase, or possess a firearm. The law calls it being under a disability.

The most common convictions causing this disability are offenses of violence and felony drug cases.

And in fact, if you are placed under this disability for a violent offense or a felony drug offense, and you are caught with a firearm later, it is a separate offense called having a weapon under a disability which is a third degree felony and punishable by 9-36 months in prison.

An individual with a domestic violence or a menacing conviction, even if a misdemeanor, will be put under this disability and is legally not allowed to purchase, carry, possess, or even be around a firearm.

Likewise, an individual with even one felony drug possession is placed under this disability.

This disability preventing gun rights is not something that goes away after a certain period of time. You have to actively seek to have it removed.

So what do you do if you are under this disability but want to own a gun, or go hunting?

A request to restore firearm rights.

This is provided for in R.C. 2929.14. It get filed in the county where you live, not necessarily where the case occurred. It is essentially a petition to the court explaining why you deserve to be able to have a gun.

The more time that has passed since your conviction is helpful, as is other mitigating information- job, family, no criminal cases for a period of time, the reason you want to have a gun, just to name a few factors.

We can file the petition for you, and argue to the judge why your firearm rights should be restored.

If you have an old case that is putting you under this disability and you want to try to have your firearm right restored, reach out to the office at (216) 736-8551 or [email protected]