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Even though having a drivers license is a privilege, it is one that many of us take for granted, and treat like a right.

But in certain situations, if you are accused of a crime, like an OVI (same thing as a DUI), your ability to drive can be taken away, either completely, or with restrictions.

Up until this past September, driving privileges for an OVI were limited almost entirely to work or school, medical, and court-ordered treatment.

That meant that someone under this suspension could not go to the bank or grocery store, pick up a prescription for an elderly parent, or take their child to soccer practice.

The Ohio legislature expanded these driving privileges by adding a catch-all phrase: “Any other purpose the Court deems appropriate”. This is a catch-all provision that gives a judge a lot of discretion to grant or deny privileges as he or she sees fit, and on a case-by-case basis.

Some judges will utilize this catch-all provision allowing individuals to run errands like the bank, dry cleaners, and grocery store, and take their child to school or soccer practice, and some will still only allow work or school privileges. But, this change opens up the opportunity for more sensible and expansive privileges.

With this change, even if you are currently under an OVI suspension, it is possible to ask the court to expand those privileges, due to the catch-all provision added.

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