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I am so excited to announce the fist winner of our Hometown Heroes Campaign. Big congratulations to Mary Simmons!

When the world seemingly became flipped upside down in March with the World Health Organization declaring Covid-19 a global pandemic, I started searching for positive news stories. Over and over again, I saw ‘regular people’ doing amazing work. ‘Regular people” stepping up to make a difference.

In an effort to highlight and congratulate these folks, we launched the hometown heroes campaign seeking nominations of those local heroes right in our own backyard. I was blown away by the number of nominations and the stories behind the nominations were beyond moving. It was truly difficult to choose just one as everyone was deserving, but Mary’s story moved me.

Mary is an ICU nurse who has been on the front line of Covid-19. She is a former teacher turned nurse which speaks volumes about her heart!  In the midst of the pandemic, she contracted Covid-19, sleep in her garage for two weeks to quarantine herself, and could only see her family through the glass.

Then she went right back to work. She went right back to caring for her patients and being a hometown hero.

I will be providing lunch for Mary and her co-workers this weekend and I am so happy to share her story.

Everyone, give her a round of applause!