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The Covid-19 global pandemic has literally turned the world upside down.

While most of us are struggling to adjust to working at home, home-schooling our children, and coordinating A LOT of zoom meetings, there are those who have been forgotten: individuals serving sentences in state and federal prison.

A handful of prisons in Ohio have Covid-19 cases, and fatalities, and the numbers are skyrocketing, which can be unnerving if a family member of loved one is serving a prison sentence. Measures to stop the spread, such as social distancing, are nearly impossible to achieve in correctional facilities which makes this situation unique.

Early in this pandemic, my office became involved in filing motions for compassionate release of individuals incarcerated in prison. There are many factors to weigh in these cases, such as what type of offense the individual has been convicted of, how long of a sentence did he or she receive, how much of the sentence has been served, any medical conditions from the individual suffers, whether they could be released on house arrest or home confinement, where would they go if released —  these are just a few of the factors that might be considered.

We are truly in an unprecedented time as a world, county, and state, and humanity is key. We are proudly advocating that these individuals are human and deserve compassion. If your loved one is in prison with an underlying health condition, please contact my office at 216-736-8551 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your options.